Swesomm Coaches

The Swedish National Sommelier Team, known as Swesomm, consists of the finalist from this years Swedish Championship and the candidates for the European- and the World Championship. Behind them we find a team of talented and passionated coaches that makes it all happen.

Swesomm’s Coaches

Sören Polonius

Sören Polonius

Head Coach

Work: Adam/Albin, my own company Dryck enl Polonius and Swesomm

Merits: 2010 – Swedish Candidate World Championship (Semifinalist)
2009 – Grand Jour de Champagne (Winner)
2009 – Baltic Championship (Winner)
2008 – European Championship in Bulgaria (Semifinalist)
2008 – Nordic Championship in Stavanger (Final, 2nd place)
2008 – Swedish Sommelier Championship (Winner)
2006 – Trophée Ruinart European Championship (Semifinalist)
2006 – Nordic Championship in Copenhagen (Final, 2nd place)
2006 – Swedish Sommelier Championship (Winner)
2005 – Nordic Championship in Iceland (Final, 3rd place)
2005 – Swedish Sommelier Championship (Final, 3rd place)
2004 – Swedish Sommelier Championship (Semifinalist)
2004 – Trophée Ruinart Stockholm Competition (Semifinalist)
2003 – Swedish Sommelier Championship (Semifinalist)
2003 – Rookie of the Year Championship (Final, 2nd place)

Favourite region: California (to travel in) and California, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Wachau (to drink).

Sommelier I look up to: Gerard Basset, no one else in the world has accompliced what he have.

Guilty pleasure: Semi-dried cheese doodles. (They have to have the right texture, it takes about 24-48 hours depending on the humidity).

Hidden skills: Whistle, I do it all the time without even thinking about it. I’m starting to get really good at it.

Contact: soren@swesomm.com

Maya Samuelsson

Maya Samuelsson

Assistant Coach

Work: Scandinavian Wine Academy, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon & Allt om vin

Merits: 2014 – 1st place Sommelier Freestyle
2014 – 3rd place Swedish Sommelier Championship
2014 – 3rd place Châteaux & Domaines Castel Sommelier Cup, Poland
2014 – 3rd place Trophée Mastroberardino, Estonia
2014 – 1st place Lily Bollinger Award
2015 – 3rd place Swedish Sommelier Championship
2016 – 3rd place Swedish Sommelier Championship
2016 – 1st place Nordic Ruinart Challenge

Favourite region: Champagne

Sommelier I look up to: Gerard Basset

Guilty pleasure: Hot shot & Harry Potter (an awesome combination by the way).

Hidden skills: Can sleep anywhere at anytime.

Contact: maya@swesomm.com

Eric Duarte Martins

Eric Duarte Martins

Senior Advisor

Work: Wine sales for Viña Español and part time at Adam/Albin

Merits: Founded Swesomm together with coach Sören Polonius

Favourite region: Jerez

Sommelier I look up to: Lars “Tolvan” Andersson

Guilty pleasure: Hot dogs with lots of mustard and fried onions

Hidden skills: Sourdough baking

Contact: eric@swesomm.com