Code of Conduct

The Swedish National Sommelier Team is comprised by team members and coaches all wanting to push their own limits and to inspire other sommeliers to push theirs. To do so, we follow a code of conduct to keep us on the right path.


In the Swesomm team we will always respect one another, other competing sommeliers, judges, sponsors and so on. We choose to talk to each other, not about each other and we will therefore always use a respectful language.


As sommeliers and team members of Swesomm everything that we choose to do should be in a joyous spirit and with a positive mindset.


In the Swesomm team it is always very important to help each other, but also to learn from each other to get better at what we do. Our team members should be considered as inspiration.

Team priority

As a member of Swesomm the team should be prioritized. This means that we will always come prepared for team practise, but also that we commit to putting a substantial amount of time on our own personal training and studying.

Drugs & Alcohol

The Swesomm team is against all forms of illegal drugs, meaning we have zero tolerance against them. As sommeliers we live in a risk environment and because of that we will pay attention to our own, and our team members, alcohol consumption.  As a team we will always be there to help one another in times of need.