Swesomm Members

The Swedish National Sommelier Team, known as Swesomm, consists of the finalist from this years Swedish Championship and the candidates for the European- and the World Championship. Below are the current team members.

Team Members

Fredrik Lindfors

Fredrik Lindfors

Work: Ward Wines

Merits: 2019 5th Best Sommelier in the World, Antwerp, Belgium
2018 Finalist of Balkan Sommelier Challenge, Belgrade, Serbia (Guest Competitor)
2017 Nordic Sommelier Champion, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Winner of Vana Tallinn Grand Prix, Vilnius, Lituania
2017 Swedish Sommelier Champion, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 1st Runner up Nordic Sommelier Championship, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Swedish Sommelier Champion, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 Winner of Moët Sommelier Challenge, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Bartender of the Year, Gothenburg, Sweden

Favourite region: Rhône Valley & Champagne

Sommelier I look up to: Arvid Rosengren

Guilty pleasure: Super Bock – a truly underrated beer

Hidden skills: Tipsy dancing

Contact: fredrik@swesomm.com

Emma Ziemann

Emma Ziemann

Work: Wolfgang Vincafé and my own company Vinsinnigt

Merits: 2019 Nordic Sommelier Championship (Final, 3rd place)
2019 Nordic Ruinart Challenge (Final, 2nd place)
2019 Swedish Sommelier Championship (Final, 2nd place)
2018 Swedish Sommelier Championship (Winner)
2018 Gaggenau Sommelier Cup (Final, 2nd place)
2018 Duni Cup, Nordic Waiter Championship (Final, 3rd place)
2017 Waiter of the Year (Winner)
2017 Swedish Championship Blind Tasting in team (Final, 3rd place)
2016 Lily Bollinger Awards (Winner)
2016 Swedish Championship Blind Tasting in team (Final, 2nd place)
2014 Freestyle Sommelier (Final, 2nd place)

Favourite region: Depending on the mood…  Champagne, Hawke’s Bay, Ahr or Loire.

Sommelier I look up to: Véronique Rivest

Guilty pleasure: Dill crisps (or honestly, all types of crisps) and 80’s style gin and grapefruit tonic.

Hidden skills: I have ECTS credits in Dinosaurs – their Evolution and Extinction.

Contact: emma@swesomm.com

Tina Johansson

Tina Johansson

Work: Canta Lola

Merits: Finalist in Vana Tallinn Grand Prix/Baltic Championship 2019 (guest competitor)
3rd place in the Swedish Sommelier Championship 2019
2nd place in the Nordic Ruinart Challenge 2018
1st place in Lily Bollinger Award 2017
2nd place in the Nordic Ruinart Challenge 2017
3rd place in the Swedish Sommelier Championship 2017
2nd place in Lily Bollinger Award 2016

Favourite region: Champagne & Tuscany

Sommelier I look up to: Maya Samuelsson, the first person who made me believe I could actually compete in sommellerie.

Guilty pleasure: The Twilight movies.

Hidden skills: Weirdly good at karaoke to all the ABBA hits.

Contact: tina@swesomm.com