Study Material

Below is a short selection of study material to be used as inspiration and training material for competitors in the Swesomm Junior Challenge. Competing should be fun and help us evolve as sommeliers which is why we share these tips with all competing sommeliers.

Training videos

 A walk through of two of the most classic parts of competing, decanting a bottle of wine and serving a bottle of Champagne.


Reading resources

Press the button to see recommended sources for reading in form of books and websites.


ASI is the International Sommelier Association and they have developed guidelines, more known as grids, to be used in all international sommelier competitions. These guidelines may be good to look at to get a sense of the level of international competitions, they are however at a much higher level than what will be expected in the Swesomm Junior Challenge.

The link above is a Swesomm Grid for pairing wine with food and how to present it in a competition.